I’m Naseem Dillman-Hasso, an Environmental Social Sciences PhD student at (the) Ohio State University . I’m currently advised by Dr. Robyn Wilson and Dr. Nicole Sintov . I’m particularly interested in collective action and sustainable behavior adoption around climate change. My interests outside of climate change research include open science/scholarship, stenography, and cycling.

I spend a little too much time falling down internet rabbit holes, which has led me to a lot of my interests. For instance, did you know that stenography machines are super cost prohibitive, some professional ones reaching thousands of dollars? Not to mention the software needed to use them! There are some great communities out there focused on democratizing access to stenography, most notably the Open Steno Project .

My own interests around open science/scholarship emerge from similar concerns. I think that the incentive structures within scientific research push for lower quality work, whether implicitly or explicitly. Additionally, much of scientific research remains inaccessible for those who aren’t affiliated with “WEIRD” institutions. On the other hand, “bro-pen” science is not an acceptable solution. The movement towards more accessible and open scholarship needs to lift up all researchers and focus on improving quality of the way we conduct science as a whole, rather than calling out people who do things differently.


Naseem Dillman-Hasso

PhD Student