Climate Action, Collective and Individual

In undergrad, I largely focused on speech perception and listening effort . All of this research was conducted in the Perception Lab with Dr. Julia Strand , who also introduced me to open science. However, towards the end of my career, I found my true calling in environmental social sciences research. You can find some of my past and current research below, as well as where I want to go in the future.

My Past Research

While in undergrad, I was introduced to environmental social sciences largely through thinking about nature, climate change, and mental health. This research, conducted under the supervision of my amazing mentor Dr. Deborah Gross , culminated in a piece of work published in the Journal of Environemntal Studies and Sciences , focusing on the gaps in causal and correlatory research between climate change’s effects on nature, and the impact that would have on mental health through reducing the restorative buffer that nature provides.

I also conducted projects over one summer at Baruch College with Dr. Engle-Friedman on youth climate activism and sustainability trends among college students.

Current Projects

Currently, as a graduate student at tOSU, I work with Dr. Wilson and Dr. Sintov in the Environmental and Social Sustainability Lab . My interests largely focuses on two areas:

  • Collective action among farmer adoption of climate adapataion techniques; and
  • Individual sustainable actions.

As I conduct more research, I’ll populate this page.

Future Directions

While it’s hard to predict what I’m interested in for the future, I know that it will still exist in the environmental social science realm, with hopefully some focuses on measurement and replication. I’m interested in looking at connections between socal trap and self control research, trends in sustainable beahvior adoption, and value shift among young adults.